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And Grace Happens | Brother Jim Fogarty

Date of Talk:  January 25th, 2017
Location:   Brothers and Sisters Of Love - Chicago IL
Presenter(s):   Brother Jim Fogarty
Work Listing(s):   Executive Director
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Brother Jim Fogarty, of Brothers and Sisters of Love, will share his story of 30 years walking the streets of Chicago to knock on the gates of heaven. When the gates open, he goes to areas of violence ministering to victims of violence in the poorest areas of Chicago. Passionate follower of Christ, who also had a walking ministry, Bother Jim will share his story about his Catholic Ministry working with street gangs, sometimes even trading gang bullets for his brand of gang peace by example of love.

God Cheers Too! | Jeff Liautaud

Date of Talk:  January 18th, 2017
Location:   Training Videos Loquate - Chicago IL
Presenter(s):   Jeff Liautaud
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Invite your friends. Hold a small group discussion. “Where Work Meets Faith” is a New Evangelization Parish Program that is not duplicitous because it satisfies innate needs common to all mankind.  The only sharing is experience, never advice. Each member retains autonomy over his own belief construction. For example, Jeff Liautaud said: “In my own small group with Christ and Mary as my internal mentors, I am lead to the promised “unity for all” found in Eph. 4:13.” Designed for the Holy Spirit to do the evangelizing, its 3S protocol builds interfaith dialogue. It is designed to meet or exceed all requirements established for New Evangelization by USCCB Catholic Hierarchy. The vision is community for all mankind.