Jeff Liautaud is the founder of the Seminar Series, now called “Where Work Meets Faith.” In this video Jeff explains how the Series began. Our goal with the Seminar Series is to create space around a preciousness of God at work in our lives.

In our Seminar Series -“Where Work Meets Faith” a hope is to make a difference in overcoming unethical or deceptive practices by providing answers one by one thru real life examples and practical tips from experts.

The problems that brought our world economy to near collapse are in part exploitation and greed that may have begun in America on Wall Street and spread thru globalization. Our hope is to establish a counter movement in America. The answer to overcome exploitation and greed lies in the Holy Spirit indwelling in each person, who lives out charity in truth in their own work.

Every person has a gift or talent innately planted in their heart and mind. A charism begins with grace bestowed upon us in cooperation with our gift or talent. Unlike a gift or talent used solely to benefit one’s self, a charism is always outwardly directed for the good of the community.

Can you think of a gift or talent that you have? Think of the first time you were aware of your gift. Think how your gift grew in your life. Think how you apply your gift today.

Here is an example. A presenter in the Seminar Series – “Where Work Meets Faith” told us an inspiring story, marketing for a life care facility. A lady prospect bought our presenter a special pair of earrings because the lady was so deeply affected by our speaker. Gifts are not allowed to be taken by staff; yet the presenter accepted the earrings because the lady was so tender.

The lady was tender because her husband had recently died. Before he died, it was understood that her divorced son and 2 children would take over her house and she and her husband would move to a life care facility. More than anything else the presenter wanted the lady to be comfortable in her new home at the life care facility and not feel pressure to make a poor decision. The presenter responded so meaningfully with balance and comfort that the lady gave her the earrings as a special gift, and our presenter took it.

Beautiful! No exploitation, no greed, even if the lady had chosen other than her life care facility, the presenter sought what was best for the lady, charity in truth, and the lady knew that. Charity in doing what needed to be done without the presenter’s self interest. Truth in the presenter’s years of experience as a life care facility representative. So our presenter’s understanding and compassion were symbolically tied to the gift of earrings. Her story was inspiring and practical.

Our goal with the Seminar Series is to create space around a preciousness of God at work in our lives. This preciousness is embodied in the gift of earrings which could not be refused. A positive life inspired by God is a timelessly beautiful thing to see and when two people have it in a commercial exchange, sustainable abundance is created.

Pope Benedict XVI said in an encyclical “Caritas in Veritate”: “All people feel the interior impulse to love authentically: love and truth never abandon them completely, because these are the vocation planted by God in the heart and mind of every human person. There is a need for the deep thought and reflection of wise men in search of a new humanism which will enable modern man to find himself anew.” We create space around this preciousness to find our self anew.

The stories may increase connections among all of us that will bring us closer together increasing our sense of community. Tips from experts in their respective fields makes the series practical. And thru its videos, Loquate hopes to publish these inspiring, practical stories of preciousness.