Mark Miller

Video Producer Training Video | Seminar Series

Date of Talk:  September 12th, 2012
Location:   Training Videos Loquate - Chicago IL
Presenter(s):   Mark Miller
Work Listing(s):   Video Producer

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This training video explains what it is like to become a Video Producer for a Seminar Series-“Where Work Meets Faith.” Hear how commitment plays the greatest role in being successful. Write-ups describe each step in Video Production. No prior video production experience or special skills are required. As a member of the Seminar Series Ministry Team consisting of initiator, promoter, and video producer, your role is critical. You are the interface to a scalable website that headquarters, Loquate.Tv, uses to push out video links to the wider Internet. By faithfully following the write-ups, posting gets done correctly as your video production skills grow. Posting permits video searches on faith topics like “Forgiveness,” or professions like “Carpenter,” or locations like “St. Juliana.” Hear the invigorating feeling you get whenever you make a cut that is not obvious. That is where the skill comes in. We thank you for your gift of time to friends presenting where their work meets their faith. A culture of the goodness of God flows thru your hands.