Mary Ann Liautaud

Promoter Training Video| Seminar Series

Date of Talk:  September 10th, 2012
Location:   Training Videos Loquate - Chicago IL
Presenter(s):   Mary Ann Liautaud
Work Listing(s):   Promoter

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This training video explains the role of a Promoter for a Seminar Series-“Where Work Meets Faith.” Curiously you make no phone calls to get attendees to come to the Seminar Series. Rather through social media you instruct presenters in the series and others how to use email and social networking to get friends and a following to attend. Your write-up is established for use on the same day each week, typically in two hours of flex time. The write-up consists of step by step tasks to complete. By following the write-up, success at promoting the seminar series is insured. If you are a person who gets satisfaction from completing a job and wish to be more involved, this is the role for you. You greet attendees at each Seminar Series event. As a member of the video ministry team your gracious hospitality inviting attendees and communicating by email with presenters and others contributes to the wider success of a culture of the goodness of God.