Why bring a Seminar – “Where Work Meets Faith” to your location?

“Inspiring and practical”…That is what the audiences say about a Seminar – “Where Work Meets Faith.” The Seminar may be flexibly run regularly within a faith community, or at certain times of the year, or as a community wide Seminar. We begin with a prayer for peace, affirming our love of God and our love of neighbor. Three presenters speak in one evening, each presentation lasting about 18 minutes in a snappy format. All presentations are based on 1) real life experience, not theory, where work meets faith, 2) practical work tips, and 3) audience questions. Everyone works. You can run one Seminar or a whole Series. It’s up to you!

$1,750 average cost per year…The Seminar Series is a faith seminar where work meets faith, run locally. A Cleric gets an Initiator, as a lay volunteer, to start this Ministry. All equipment needed is included in the low cost, is commercially available. It’s easy to use a Flip high definition video camera. A public charity, Loquate, provides all documentation and procedures to run the Series. Loquate edits the videos for sense of community. The local cleric edits for faith cuts. And the presenter edits or gives the final OK. Unless all 3 OK the video, the video never gets published. Included in the cost is publication of the videos, typically about 20 per year. Loquate’s cost is about twice what is charged even with its volunteer staff and subsidizes the cost as part of its Mission. Houses of Worship that repeat the annual enrollment pay based on number of ordained clergy at the location, on average $1,750 per year for two ordained clergy. That is under $100 per video. Edited videos typically cost $750 to $1,500 per video. You get a huge savings at Loquate.TV!

Grass Roots…While God may appear to be in decline in the eyes of the secular world, humble little ones are led to a deep interior prayer life, accepting your cross, and fasting, leads to the heart of God conformed within. It is the example of those whose heart is conformed to the heart of God, who best evangelize. The deeply prayerful, humble little ones that God uses to see His face, draw others to Him. God is seen through their example.

In Solidarity…Ordinary people who love God, love their neighbor. In solidarity, we present!

The Seminar Series is about using the gifts that God gave you to build up community. Each series will feature presenters who will tell real life stories and how their faith played an important role. Hearing many different stories in our Seminar Series may increase connections among us that will bring us all closer together increasing our sense of community.

The event’s social benefit is getting to know each other better. The more we know about each other, the more opportunity we have for being connected.

Every person who presents on a subject of God’s goodness, where work meets faith, reclaims out of confusion and chaos, a true real life understanding of the goodness of God. That true understanding of the goodness of God is our testimony across America.

Consultants…Many presenters are Consultants who offer free appointments for up to one hour of consultation on a topic of God or work expertise from their presentation. Being a Consultant means: being for each others’ faith gifts, defined as extreme value from God for the common good, being for the Seminar, and being for leading a more faithful life defined as loving God and loving neighbor.

Connect on the Web…Each presentation is video recorded and aired at by local faith House of Worship. Links from the House of Worship website to Loquate.TV build web traffic and introduce 20 to 50 year olds to the House of Worship, especially though participation in Work Meets Faith small groups. Research shows small groups as a way of involving and recruiting a lost generation of church goers to return to church. Tech savvy, the videos and links may be promoted on social media, blogs, and faith correspondence without charge. Every published video comes with its own unique video link. 100 presentations have received over 18,000 hits. Don’t miss it! Build community locally by viewing videos of presenters you know. See ad free TV at

Story telling…The Seminar is a way to enhance our community through the power of story. Storytelling is possibly the most fundamental avenue for connection among humans. Many 20 to 50 year olds come from broken homes and seek God centered faith groups. In modern society today we are bombarded with all kinds of media that is focused on a superficial story. That story can be detrimental to real community. Feeling isolated is something so common today that everyone experiences it at some point. When we listen to the stories of others, and share our own we create connections. We realize that we are not alone in despair, in struggle, and in triumph.

“Where Work Meets Faith” creates a safe environment for us to share our experiences. Some of us are further along on a path of connection and belonging to the community, and hearing the stories of people at all different stages in life helps us in our own lives. Each presenter draws his own crowd of attendees, many new to the House of Worship. We all play a part in this world. It’s how we choose to be a part that makes all the difference. Come hear others’ stories and come share your own.

Video Publication…On average every video gets viewed over 150 times on the internet. Local viewings build community. Engagement is high with 30% of hits viewing the entire video. A sense of God grows. Viewer acclaimed testimonials may be found at

About Loquate…A charitable center for peace that uses technology for intentional community building, Loquate is officially recognized by the United States Internal Revenue Service in its published list of 501 c 3 charitable organizations. As such Loquate is a not for profit, not a business. Loquate is largely a volunteer charitable organization. Its charitable services are provided by its own following of donors. Presenters are the voice of Loquate. Founded in 1970, Loquate in Latin means “Speak!”

Loquate’s mission…is to work with members of groups and organizations:

  • To develop the member’s diversity and sense of shared humanity thru self awareness,
  • To develop a sense of community in small groups of self aware members,
  • To develop the sense of community within the larger group or organization of which they are a part,
  • To develop the larger group or organization into a catalyst for the sense of community in its surrounding environment,
  • To spread the sense of community throughout our fragile world using small incubator groups to serve as a model for peace.

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For Clerics and Initiators – How to Start

The Initiator makes this ministry possible and cannot help but be a needed, valued member of a vibrant, growing, faith community, where work meets faith. To know the role of Initiator click the orange Initiator Training Page button below.

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