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Work Meets Faith small groups, share experience!

In our Work Meets Faith small groups are an answer to the splintering effects that social media can have on our culture. Connect with real people in person through their stories of growth and transformation.

We have all experienced the divisiveness in our culture today. The warning bells have sounded. Something must be done to bring us back to Community. People are much more complex in person than online and we have so much to learn from each other. Work Meets Faith small groups are a solution.

We are all connected, it’s time to act. Your story should be heard, our stories need to be told. Be a leader and start the movement back to real community.

Create a Work Meets Faith small group today!

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  • Start a small group.

  • No one is excluded.

  • Everyone is included.

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Officially Recommended!

“Where Work Meets Faith is a unique, parish-based process that helps individuals encounter Christ, grow as disciples, and assists them in applying their faith to the work they do every day. I recommend it to any pastor as part of an overall strategy of parish-based evangelization.” –Deacon Keith Strohm, Director of the Office for the New Evangelization, Archdiocese of Chicago, 2/12/16

The initiative assumes the role of the Parish is in place. The Sacraments, Rite of Initiation, Liturgy and so forth are all taken as a given provided by the Parish, not by the small group.

Your example sharing your real life stories lets others see God in you. Open to people of all faiths including atheists and agnostics. The term God may be used interchangeably with “That which you value the most,” or “a caring presence outside of yourself.”

The cornerstone of the Work Meets Faith Smart® protocol is self change, never changing another. That’s great because we only have control over our self. Each finds “That which you value the most for the common good” inside yourself and inside relevant resolution stories from others.

A movement by baptized Catholics introduces Faith Smart® groups to you. Yet Faith Smart® groups are open to all!

Buy Small Group Kit for $9.99

Open to All!

Everyone works in some sense. From stay at home spouse, to retired person, to a work-work person, no one is excluded. Participation is open to all.

“Work Meets Faith” small groups of 6 to 8 people meet for 2 hours. We learn from practical experiences of others on how to bring more faith into our own work. We meet at a regular time monthly but not December, July or August.

Each meeting includes a one hour focus on one member to bring more faith into that member’s work, where the member chooses 1 of 3 Agendas:

  • Agenda 1 – A God concern by the member at work is experientially shared, or
  • Agenda 2 – A member makes a Declaration claiming and then turning over to God their preferred work, or
  • Agenda 3 – A small group discussion is chosen to focus on a cultural challenge most interesting to the member and sharing experience to obtain a spiritual breakthrough.

Each month the focus person rotates and chooses the Agenda as above. Also included are:

  • 15 minute period to handle any time sensitive items from members relating to God centered sense of community, and
  • 15 minutes of awareness leading to God centered sense of community, one step per meeting in a series of 12 steps, and
  • 30 minute open time period.

The Work Meets Faith small groups’ core competency is God centered sense of community. Increased awareness tends toward bringing more happiness or joy to each member and more sense of community to every group of which the member is a part.

The awareness is one of innate needs of the human person which, when satisfied yield enhanced self-motivation and mental health, and when thwarted lead to diminished motivation and well-being.

Connecting the human spirit… thru stories!
Breakthroughs far greater than any single individual are accomplished by sharing experience in our Work Meets Faith small groups. Diversity brings a widened range of solutions.  Feel a sense of group loyalty and group support from belonging to a diverse group that has a sense of community and are in it for the long haul with a sincere desire to put God first in their work.

Sharing Our Stories, Builds Our Community!