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In our Work Meets Faith small groups are an answer to the splintering effects that social media can have on our culture. Connect with real people in person through their stories of growth and transformation.

We have all experienced the divisiveness in our culture today. The warning bells have sounded. Something must be done to bring us back to Community. People are much more complex in person than online and we have so much to learn from each other. Work Meets Faith small groups is a solution.

We are all connected, it’s time to act. Your story should be heard, our stories need to be told. Be a leader and start the movement back to real community.

Create a Work Meets Faith small group today!

Buy kit. Only $9.99.

  • Start a small group.

  • No one is excluded.

  • Everyone is included.

Buy Small Group Kit for $9.99

“Well organized and very inspiring.”

“An enriching spiritual experience”

“Great from start to finish!”


You purchase the small group discussion questions, and kit content which includes all materials you need to do a great job starting your faith Smart® group. And your friends participate for free!

Kit Content

The group discussion uses safe story telling. It is safe because the agenda does not get into differences in belief. Differences of belief are transcended through relevant story telling. Kit PDF content includes:

  • Proven small group discussion agenda.
  • Member Guide.

The other materials in the Kit may be utilized as you progress.

  • Small Group Facilitator’s Guide. Comprehensive. Helps you answer any questions you might face.
  • Small Group Training Videos. Helps your small group dynamically learn the process. Feedback monitors the faith Smart® Group process.
  • Optional public witnessing. Explanation for video publication and distribution at

All kit content will be there waiting for you to use. You don’t even have to get into all content now, just what you need as you need it. Your friends learn the small group process right along with you. That’s great because it builds community!

Buy Small Group Kit for $9.99

Optional: A Catholic response.

  • Take our free optional answers to cultural challenges. The answers are in the form of a free, on line retreat that employs basic Catholic teaching of inclusive love and dignity for all. It’s hands free! Uses smart phone, or computer convenience. Learn Catholic answers to small group discussion questions.
  • Officially Recommended – “Where Work Meets Faith is a unique, parish-based process that helps individuals encounter Christ, grow as disciples, and assists them in applying their faith to the work they do every day. I recommend it to any pastor as part of an overall strategy of parish-based evangelization.” –Deacon Keith Strohm, 2-12-16 thru 7-10-16, Director of the Office for the New Evangelization, Archdiocese of Chicago, 3525 S. Lake Park Avenue|Chicago, IL 60653-1402|312.534.5316 See report X001.9 Appendix F Section 10
  • Open to All – For any small group of friends. Your friends attend because the Holy Spirit prompts them to attend using your invitation. Focus is on applying faith to work. Everyone works in some sense. No one is excluded. Everyone is included. Those who are meant to attend say “Yes.” Some say “No” and that is fine too.
  • Spiritual enlightenment– Amazing small group discussion centers around “That which you value the most.” Using language of “That which you value the most” levels the playing field for all friends Agnostic, Atheist, and believers of all faiths.
  • Experiential Discussion – Focus is on experiential discussion applicable to all, without getting into differences of belief. Small group discussion builds unity.
  • Your example – Your example in the small group will draw your friends to you.  By taking the optional answers free at this website you sharpen your example. “Best Practice” Research shows that people engage with, come back to, or join, a church through small group participation.