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Have you ever wondered: Is what I am doing the work God wants me to do?

In our Work Meets Faith Smart® small group, we believe that God speaks to us thru our interiorly preferred work. By prayer, encouragement and community learn how you can use your faith to influence your work – and to overcome the challenges and obstacles that we all face in our jobs. Not with advice, but with helpful relevant resolution stories. In discovering your interiorly preferred work, your life will become more fulfilled so, in return, you can humbly and gratefully offer it as a gift back to God. Resulting in a deep faith to ask Him to bless you with more of that work. Fulfilling God’s natural law of love, you will bring peace to the world.

Create a Work Meets Faith Smart® group today!

  • Start a Smart® group.

  • No one is excluded.

  • Everyone is included.

Free Smart® Group Kit

“Well organized and very inspiring.”

“An enriching spiritual experience”

“Great from start to finish!”

Officially Recommended!

The first to recommend the process is the Catholic Church “in unity for all.” “Where Work Meets Faith is a unique, parish-based process that helps individuals encounter Christ, grow as disciples, and assists them in applying their faith to the work they do every day. I recommend it to any pastor as part of an overall strategy of parish-based evangelization.” –Deacon Keith Strohm, Director of the Office for the New Evangelization, Archdiocese of Chicago, 2/12/16

Open to All!

In this unique program, it’s your example that makes the difference.

  • You begin in your parish.
  • You learn the protocol.
  • Then you go outward, inviting people of all or no faith to join.
  • Based on innate needs common to all people, the program is not duplicitous.

Work Meets Faith Smart® groups work Parish wide or community wide.

  • A Work Meets Faith Smart® group works in “unity for all” because it follows principles of Interfaith Dialogue and, as a Smart® group, it satisfies innate needs common to all mankind.  Thru 12 steps members change themselves to increase satisfaction of innate needs of others, forming one functional group.
  • Work Meets Faith Smart® groups are enabled by its sister charity, Loquate, for resources. Loquate’s core competence is intentional community building. Its Smart® groups satisfy innate needs through primary values and build community.
  • And the greatest happiness or joy occurs Parish wide or community wide in families, work places, villages, cities, towns and even nations, that uphold the innate needs of all!

A Work Meets Faith Smart® group follows this protocol:

  • self change, not changing another,
  • relevant resolution story telling, not advice,
  • satisfy innate psychological needs, put into us by our Creator, not ordinary conversation.
  • Corresponding scripture (or internet search) is shared.

Principles of Interfaith Dialogue insure no proselytizing during meetings, and use of Smart® protocol insures “unity for all.”

  • Interfaith dialogue is first and foremost an attitude that is acquired as the result of listening to various points of view and ultimately forming one’s own view of other religions. An attitude could be defined as a manner of acting or thinking; a disposition, opinion or mental set.
  • Interfaith dialogue consists essentially in hearing each other. Interfaith dialogue is living together in spite of our differences. Differences make sense when they are well understood. Be respectful of differences.
  • Avoid proselytizing during interfaith dialogue. Be true to your beliefs. State your own beliefs when appropriate.
  • But mainly listen well, which means hearing an entire message.
  • Build unity. Be united in faith in God, for love of fellow man, for peace on earth, and for the greater glory of God.