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R001 Catholic Introduction to Smart® Resource -Finding Your Story In God’s Story Download
R002 Catholic Smart® Resource -Finding Your Story in God’s Story Download Video
R003 Universal Appendix H – How any person can benefit from our small group. Download
R004 Universal The Sacred Door – Discernment Download
R005 Universal Academic Research in Support of Primary Values Download
R006 Catholic Appendix C – Approved Marian Apparition – Our Lady of Kibeho, Rwanda-aa Download
R007 Universal Appendix D – Implications for Religions of Innate Psychological Needs and Terrorism-aa Download Video
R008 Universal Appendix E – Non Cooperation, Non Violence-aa Download
R009 Catholic Appendix F – Why take a Catholic retreat of all inclusive love?-aa Download
R010 Universal Appendix G – Welcome to Loquate-aa Download
$9.99 R011 Catholic Small Group Kit Purchase Video
$9.99 R012 Universal Small Group Kit Purchase
R013 Catholic Why Join a Work Meets Faith Small Group? Download
R014 Catholic Catechism of the Catholic Church – Small Groups Download
R015 Universal The Twelve Steps of Loquate Download
$7.50 R016 Universal God’s Will On Earth Purchase
R017 Universal Case Study – Why our family broke up Download
R018 Universal What the Seminar Series – “Where Work Meets Faith” – taught me Download
R019 Universal
Facilitator Guide for a Work Meets Faith small group Download
R020 Catholic Where Work Meets Faith Brochure Download
R021 Christian Infant of Prague Prayers Download
R022 Universial GRUA = Genuine desires, Risking, Understanding, and acceptance. These habits of emotional response are learned at an early age. By washing your habits with GRUA, you may communicate better. Download