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R001 Universal Short Bible Summary
This written content of a Short Bible Summary of all inclusive love has been reviewed for Loquate by Jeff Cavins, Bible Scholar. Catholics seek all inclusive love. A priest from the Catholic Church also read the entire piece. As long as this piece is reproduced in its entirety, anyone can reproduce it freely without contacting us .
R002 Universal Try "the practice." Bring special graces to your work, family, and ministry!
Cenacle of Jerusalem “Cenacle” is a word for the upper room where Jesus’ apostles gathered together in prayer with His mother, Mary, and the Holy Spirit powerfully descended upon them. It was during this original Pentecost that the Catholic Church was born. Two thousand years later, Our Lady renews the call to gather together with her in cenacle of prayer in anticipation of the Holy Spirit. “Just as in the Cenacle of Jerusalem the Apostles, reunited with me in prayer, prepared for the moment of the first Pentecost, so also, in the cenacle of my Immaculate Heart – and consequently in the cenacles where you are gathered in prayer – you apostles of these last times can, with your heavenly Mother, obtain a new effusion of the Holy Spirit.”(Quoted from Fr. Gobbi’s book, To the Priests, Our Lady’s Beloved Sons, paragraph 284, line p, Jan. 28, 1984)
R003 Catholic R003-How to form a small group faith community in your parish.doc
A Work Meets Faith ministry forms a small group faith community in your parish. Work Meets Faith ministry gives you and your parishioners firsthand experience of miracles through true devotion to Mary. Through Work Meets Faith ministry, you may strengthen your private devotion; create a fruitful ministry; and build your parish faith community through small groups like the early Christian communities. Contact Susan Davis at 310-251-0222 or email to get started in your parish.
R004 Universal The Sacred Door – Discernment Download
R005 Universal Academic Research in Support of Primary Values Download
R006 Catholic Approved Marian Apparition – Our Lady of Kibeho, Rwanda-aa
Our Lady of Kibeho, Rwanda is a Marian Apparition approved by the Catholic Church.
R007 Universal Appendix D – Implications for Religions of Innate Psychological Needs and Terrorism-aa Download Video
R008 Universal Appendix E – Non Cooperation, Non Violence-aa Download
R009 Universal Appendix F – Why take a Catholic retreat of all inclusive love?-aa Download
R010 Universal Appendix G – Welcome to Loquate-aa Download
$9.99 R011 Catholic Small Group Kit Purchase Video
$9.99 R012 Universal Small Group Kit Purchase
R013 Catholic Why Join a Work Meets Faith Small Group? Download
R014 Catholic Catechism of the Catholic Church – Small Groups Download
R015 Universal The Twelve Steps of Loquate Download
$7.50 R016 Universal God’s Will On Earth Purchase
R017 Universal Case Study – Why our family broke up and how it healed. (Also see R023) Download
R018 Universal What the Seminar Series – “Where Work Meets Faith” – taught me Download Video
R019 Universal Facilitator Guide for a Work Meets Faith small group
This is a Facilitator (and Scribe) Guide PDF and training Podcast for a Work Meets Faith small group. Run your own Work Meets Faith small group.  Use with Resource R012 - Work Meets Faith small group kit.
Download Audio
R020 Catholic Where Work Meets Faith Brochure Download
R021 Christian Infant of Prague Prayers Download
R022 Universal GRUA = Genuine desires, Risking, Understanding, and acceptance.
These habits of emotional response are learned at an early age. By washing your habits with GRUA, you may communicate better.
R023 Christian Family Healing Workshop. (Also see R017).
Loquate offers this special section on the holiness of the family. Real life examples. With family, why not let God act for you? Prayer and the redemptive power of suffering invoke God’s peace for all.

With R023 Audio, run your own Family Healing Workshop.
1) Pause audio at 4:58 to read R023 scripture.
2) After scripture, restart Podcast again at 4:58 and at 10:21 break into small groups and follow R023 agenda.
3) After small groups, restart Podcast at 10:21 ; and end workshop at end of Podcast.
Download Audio
R024 Christian Father Ruotolo - 9 day Novena
This Surrender Novena is spoken in the first person as if by Jesus. Father Ruotolo was with Padre Pio. Fr. Ruotolo was a victim soul and is up for Beatification. In his humility he felt always inadequate, but he found strength in Mary Most Holy. He is the author of a most profound Theological and Psychological Commentary, highly inspired by the Holy Spirit, on all the Holy Scripture, in 33 volumes.
R025 Universal The Least
The Least, open to all, brings local meaning to suffering. No one seeks suffering. Yet the experience of those who suffer, submitting to God’s will has been known commonly to bring joy. It is a gift that God gives us that we might purify our self. We purify our self thru true devotion, ardor of heart if you will, toward God. We will know we have suffered enough when we suffer no more. Strangely we feel ardor of heart for all mankind. In the eyes of the world we still suffer. Yet interiorly we suffer no more. We draw others to God in us. We sense that God is -- where the ardor of heart comes from. God’s ardor of heart becomes our ardor of heart. Thru ardor of heart, you lead mankind across the threshold into the bosom of God.
R026 Catholic Blessed Mother Ministry - Nancy Nugent
Obtain Fr. Gobbi’s book, "To the Priests, Our Lady’s Beloved Sons" 18th Edition at Read and meditate on one or more of the messages. Obtain a sequence of passages to follow by “friending” at Facebook Nancy Nugent in Chicago Blessed Mother Ministry. These are not the messages themselves, just a suggested sequence of passages to follow. Or be guided yourself.
R027 Universal Interfaith Dialogue and Ecumenism
Any person may find useful a Policy Document on Interfaith Dialogue and Ecumenism. This Policy Document is from Loquate. Loquate is not a religion, nor does it seek to be a religion. Loquate is not a substitute for a religion. Loquate affirms religion but does not teach religion. Rather Loquate learns from primary bodies which are responsible for setting principles of interfaith dialogue, and adopts their principles as its policy for interfaith dialogue.
R028 Universal Domain Theory
As an analogy think of yourself in a sense as like God. God is nothing but love. You try to be like God. Think of yourself as a parent. You feel ardor of heart for your family. Ardor is love so strong it is palpable. Just like a parent shows for their child. Satan is present too. Evil domains exist in every human. By our choices we be and become like God or like Satan. Satan is nothing but evil. Satan’s main tools are hatred and self will. The parent has nothing in mind for the child or any in the family but goodwill. The parent is old. An update is in order on what the parent has set in place for the child after the parent is gone. The parent is orderly. The parent hopes the transition is smooth. Smooth or harsh the parent wishes to make the child aware. At least the child will know what the parent has in mind for the family. The parent says to the child: "Come with an open heart. One day you will have the same conversation with your child. It will go well." The parent continues: "I love you more than you will ever know." The child says "Ok." The parent says "great." They have the conversation. That conversation is Domain Theory. After the conversation ends, both embrace each other in love as equals.
R029 Universal Discernment on attendance of any Work Meets Faith small group meeting
Participating in a small group is an extension of church for me (Jeff). I am the portable church with the Eucharist in me that I get from Mass. But I live out my church in my small group, like the early Christian community. This is a permanent group for me. The quality of a person’s Work Meets Faith (WMF) small group life is in direct proportion to their commitment. True commitment is so lacking today that the norm is to rarely commit. Yet I make Christ known only thru my commitment to another. When another sees my commitment to them they see Christ. When commitment is lacking, Christ is unknown. Sometimes I have a good reason for not attending. Our reason is influenced by blind passions. Discern merits of every action before invoking the will. Because as soon as the will decides, the passion reinforces the will. Distortion of the will occurs once it is prepossessed. Consider these attributes.
R030 Universal How any person can benefit from our Work Meets Faith small group.pdf
People of all faiths, including atheists and agnostics may benefit from a Work Meets Faith small group. Helping another accomplish that which they value the most for the common good, is extreme value.
R031 Catholic Miracles of Family Healing : Big Retreat agenda
Learn more about miracles of family healing. Come to our orthodox Catholic Big Retreat in February Work Meets Faith – Susan Davis 310-251-0222
R032 Universal Official recommendation
3-5-2014 “I am happy to recommend the work of Loquate’s “Where Work Meets Faith.” Thank you for your efforts in witnessing to the faith...and to reach out to help strengthen the faith of other people as well.” –His Eminence, Cardinal Francis George† 2-12-16 “Where Work Meets Faith is a unique, parish-based process that helps individuals encounter Christ, grow as disciples, and assists them in applying their faith to the work they do every day. I recommend it to any pastor as part of an overall strategy of parish-based evangelization.” –Deacon Keith Strohm, Director of the Office for the New Evangelization, Archdiocese of Chicago, 3525 S. Lake Park Avenue|Chicago, IL 60653-1402|312.534.5316
R033 Universal Guardian Spirit
Every bad domain that thwarts innate needs may be associated with a satanic spirit. Every good domain that supports innate needs may be associated with a guardian spirit. Neither spirit can change our free will. We choose what we become. We become what we choose domain by domain.
R034 Universal Loquate
Loquate is a charitable center for peace that uses technology for intentional community building.
$12.00 R035 Universal Little Manitou Coloring Book - 20 pages Hard Copy
Hardcopy. Price includes $2 handling and shipping by US Mail. Allow 5 days for delivery. In nature a sacred place often has a prominent feature. In this coloring book you will discover it. Imagine a Native American boy 10,000 years ago. Guided by faith he became a medicine man. His affirmation came in folklore.
$10.00 R036 Universal Little Manitou Coloring Book - 28 pages EBook
Digital only. You will need to print it out to color it. This is an electronic version. In nature a sacred place often has a prominent feature. In this coloring book you will discover it. Imagine a Native American boy 10,000 years ago. Guided by faith he became a medicine man. His affirmation came in folklore.
R037 Universal How to Podcast in 5 steps your Witness story at "Where Work Meets Faith."
Step 1 – go to Step 2 –Complete this form. Step 3 – Make a $50 donation, refundable if for any reason you do not publish your Podcast. Step 4 – Submit your MP3 audio file to Step 5 – Once approved Podcast is published.
R038 Universal R038-ag-Unity for All in the Kingdom of God
There is unity for all in the Kingdom of God. As you use Natural Law to satisfy innate needs, you immerse yourself into deeper devotion, you cross the threshold into the Kingdom of God bringing all into the bosom of God. The approach is universal.
R039 Universal R039-What to do with Domain Theory-aI
Domain Theory wins hearts by example, not beliefs. Having faith in all those around you, who cause you to suffer, draws them to the righteousness of Natural Law within you. Seeing God within others, draws others to God within you. The dual experience of suffering when put upon, and making external acts of kindness staying committed to being with the one in authority over you wrongfully causing the suffering, brings peace and joy. Domain theory lets you understand why you feel joy in forgiveness and happiness in moving on to the sunrise of a new life.
R040 Universal R040-aa-assembly-miracles-home setting-carol
At our Assembly, tell us what you do to make known “That which you value the most for the common good.” Small group sharing. In a second part, share your “Miracles – First Hand.” Record as a Podcast for your approval. The more we hear each other’s miracle stories at, the more we build up our sense of community with unity for all.
R041 Universal R041-ac-Innate-Needs-and-Primary-Values-that-Satisfy-Innate-Needs
In the last 20 years Academic research validates innate needs put into every human being as: relatedness, competence and autonomy. This approach has been adopted by thousands of scientists worldwide. Learn the research that Loquate has done on the primary values that satisfy innate needs.
R042 Universal R042-Two Scientific Tests Underpinning a Treatise on Peace
There are two scientific tests that any person can run that will change their life for the better. By better we mean increased happiness or joy for them and greater sense of community for every group of which they are a part.
R043 Universal R043-ac-adversity-card-printable
Enclosed is your pdf printable, two sided, foldable in half, handy wallet sized card. Uphold Basic Human Rights. Apply the primary values in good times and in adversity. This builds peace on earth. There is a great opportunity for unity in community!