Uphold Basic Human Rights –Help Ukraine, and Help the World!

Scientifically Proven existence of the innate needs of human kind may be the greatest discovery in natural law ever.

 And the greatest happiness or joy occurs in communities that Uphold Basic Human Rights for everyone! 

Innate Needs as defined by Deci and Ryan Loquate Primary Values Bill of Basic Human Rights Explanation – Symptom of Violation R041
1. Relatedness 1. The right to do that which is truly in the best interests of others. 1. Feeling that I am part of something that injures or harms others.
2. Competence 2. The right to attain goals or other ends not necessarily preconceived as goals but which become goals once experienced. 2. Feeling unable to finish something I have started or want to do because others prevent me or interfere or take over.
3. Autonomy 3. The right to operate in an area of meaningful expansion for yourself. 3. Feeling bored about my work. Feeling I am wasting my time. When I die I don’t want to say “That which I should have done, I did not do.”
4. The right to act non cooperatively, non violently according to my personal-moral or religious beliefs. 4. Feeling like my personal-moral or religious beliefs are not accepted. Feeling like I am kept from living my personal – moral or religious beliefs.

Non-cooperation, non-violence is a peaceful means to accelerate the process of awareness and change.

“Be the change you want to see in the world.”

Mahatma Gandhi

There is a great opportunity for unity in community. “Help Ukraine!”

We have all experienced the divisiveness in our culture today. The warning bells have sounded. Something must be done to bring us back to Community. People are much more complex in person than online and we have so much to learn from each other. Making a simple statement that you seek to Uphold Basic Human Rights is a solution.

You do this when you Log in. Logging in is a form of prayer for peace on earth. When you log in, get a link to print a wallet sized card for unity in community to apply the primary values in good times and in adversity. Send one to a Russian you know.

Log in

Help Ukraine, and Help the World! This declares your intention to pray for earth’s dominion and to act living with less as a form of prayer, that the world might have enough for a 100% Russian embargo denying its war cash flow. May our Spirit-centered community build peace on earth in “unity for all.”

For volunteer opportunities to “Help Ukraine” see Loquate Resource R100. With your help and $40,000, God can make this happen. Hear our 3 minute Prayer Podcast. See R100 for the prayer.



Laity Affected by Your Vote

You can affect politicians by being involved, staying with them, and getting them to uphold basic human rights for all mankind.  Loquate is a charity for peace on earth.

Nonprofits and Lobbying: Yes, They Can!

According to both the American Bar Association  and Stanford Social Innovation Review

A best practice that all successful high-impact nonprofits share: the combination of providing services in their communities and engaging in policy advocacy, including lobbying, at the local, state, or federal level. Who, after all, knows the problems of their communities more intimately and is in the best position to suggest practical solutions than the nonprofit organizations that work in those communities every day?

After logging in, consider joining Laity Affected by Your Vote (“Laity”). Laity lobbies to Uphold Basic Human Rights through Loquate (6436 N Oketo Ave, Chicago, IL 60631, United States jeff@loquate.tv 773-621-0863). Make your vote count! Join Laity!

Our Lobbyist transparency goal is this. When lobbying for Laity, no other topics will be discussed. Subject to funding, our Lobbyist will inform your Legislator of Laity Affected by Your Vote. Loquate will maintain the Laity List and will share the names of Legislators who join Laity.

You can join Laity with or without donating. But by donating you support our lobby effort to reach your Legislators in your district so they can support you, and you can support them.  Together Uphold Basic Human Rights with unity for all!

Laity net donations (after credit card and promo costs) are segregated by Loquate in a separate bank account used for no other effort except Lobbying, and Loquate emergency funding for non-cooperation, non-violence.

Grow the Legislator list in your district. Get your community to enroll in Laity. Get similar communities to enroll in Laity from district to district. The lobbying effort rolls out district by district. Take that extra step after logging in.

All who join Laity will receive a 28 page digital ebook called Little Manitou coloring book. According to DNR parks and recreation “This artwork is fantastic.” Children love to color in harmony with nature. Laity become like little children to satisfy all of their innate needs.