Interested in building Spirit-centered community?

By Spirit is meant a caring presence that exists outside of ourselves. Join Loquate to learn our Smart® process.  Satisfy innate needs. Makes where you work, a best place to work. Makes where you live, a best place to live. Take the first step.

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Build Wellbeing in Your Life

In what may be the greatest discovery in Natural Law in our century, everyone has innate needs. It is how we are all alike. Imagine, over half a million Academic Research articles since 2017 cite Deci and Ryan, whose science states: “Innate needs when satisfied yield enhanced self-motivation and mental health and when thwarted lead to diminished motivation and well-being.”

Ryan finds “Remarkable Convergence with Loquate’s primary values and innate needs. Loquate is a 501 c3, non profit corporation, listed as a public charity by the IRS .

Our beloved facilitators have Great Code.

People remember how you make them feel. The first step is to become a facilitator using our Smart® process. As skills grow with our free resources, you increase motivation and build wellbeing through community. Take the first step.

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The Catholic Church as “an expert in humanity,” officially recommends  Loquate’s Smart® process “Where Work Meets Faith.” Adding Ryan above, the two affirmations combined represent expert status conferred on Loquate for both wellbeing and community.

How any person can benefit?

Any person can benefit. Let us call Spirit-centered community – God, or Spirit, or “That which you value the most for the common good.” Let us use the words interchangeably. Chaos ends. Order resumes. Life has changed and we are astounded. That is the power of Spirit-centered community. Freedom to live your deepest beliefs in harmony with all is Loquate’s goal. This occurs by satisfying innate needs.

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