If an inquirer has a question of me as a presenter with a telephone icon on the left beneath my video, I will consult up to 1 hour.


Upon consultation, consultants and inquirers agree to hold harmless and indemnify Consultants, Inquirers, Voice of Loquate Association, Where Work Meets Faith Association, Loquate, Partners, Licensees, and Affiliated Websites from any and all liability, loss, damages, costs, or expenses which are sustained, incurred, or required arising out of participation, or consultation.



Interfaith Dialogue www.Loquate.TV airs videos of a Seminar – “Where Work Meets Faith.” Presenters’ interfaith dialogue is not on how they disagree but on how they agree. The Seminar’s premise is that people of good will of every faith experience a sense of community. Their sense of community can never belong to just one religion or one group. For God is above all. A village’s sense of community belongs to God. The village’s sense of community belongs to all.

Who are Consultants? Presenter’s videos are viewed many times. A telephone icon next to a Presenter’s video indicates the Presenter is a consultant (“Consultant”). The Consultant offers up to one hour of free consultation on God or work expertise to inquirers.

What must I do to qualify to offer my free consultation? To qualify Consultants must also 1) support each other’s faith gifts, which are defined as extreme value from God for the common good, 2) support the Seminar and 3) seek to lead a more faithful life defined as loving God and loving neighbor. Consultants are members of an honorary ethics association (the “Assn.”) called the “Where Work Meets Faith.” Without meetings and without dues, Consultants collectively by their actions and voice build a sense of community and peaceful co-existence in God’s name is facilitated. Loquate is a charitable center for peace. Loquate in Latin means “Speak.”

How Consultations Work. Any person may inquire about a presentation. The Inquirer clicks on a telephone icon at, then enters: Name, Phone, Email, Zip, and Question. Within seconds, an auto responder sends an email to the Consultant. The Consultant is asked to contact the Inquirer with potential meeting times/dates/location within 48 hours and consult up to 1 hour.

As servant leaders in their respective communities, Consultant’s values bring peace and joy to the community in which they live. Their message, God’s message, where work meets faith is that God loves us. The more we give our hands to God, the more God will honor us, and our village.

May I opt out? Consultants may opt-out at any time. To opt-out, you would send an email to jeff@loquate.TV; include your name, and phone.

What Is Loquate? Loquate is a charitable (IRS 501 C 3) community for peace that uses technology for intentional community building. Hearing many different video stories in the Seminar may increase connections among us that will bring us all closer together increasing our sense of community.

By sense of community we mean an environment characterized by togetherness and sharing as opposed to cool detachment. The leaders in the environment know the members and go out of their way to be helpful. Though the members are quite diverse, personal diversity is celebrated for its contribution. There is a sense of group loyalty and group support. The atmosphere is cohesive. The environment is a community.

What Is Loquate’s Mission?

  • To develop the member’s diversity and sense of shared humanity thru self awareness,
  • To develop a sense of community in small groups of self aware members,
  • To develop the sense of community within the larger group or organization of which they are a part,
  • To develop the larger group or organization into a catalyst for the sense of community in its surrounding environment,
  • To spread the sense of community throughout our fragile world using small incubator groups to serve as a model for peace.

Can I help? As of 12/31/13 total expenses of the charity divided by videos is $114 per video. Financials are available. Donations to Loquate (6436 N. Oketo, Chicago, Il. 60631) are invited.

“Where Work Meets Faith” Association


Association Summary “Where Work Meets Faith” is an honorary ethics association (“Assn.”). Thru extraordinary sense of community, peaceful co-existence in God’s name is facilitated. A copy of Articles and Bylaws is available by contacting Jeff@Loquate.TV. The Articles and Bylaws prevail in interpretation over the following Summary.

Article 1- The Problem The problems that brought our world economy to near collapse are in part exploitation and greed including unethical or deceptive practices. Secular media readily reports news of evil. Negative information receives more processing and contributes more strongly to the final impression than does positive information. Exploitation and greed gets reported. The function of media is to make widespread every reported story. This bombardment of evil creates a common perception of secular society as a culture of evil. Organized religion is routinely under attack by secular media as part of the broader culture of evil.

Article 2 – A Solution – “Sharing Our Stories, Building Our Community” A Seminar – “Where Work Meets Faith” (the “Seminar”) is offered. Video recorded real life stories where presenters provide extreme value demonstrate the relevance of God and love of neighbor. A video channel of the Seminar at Loquate.TV becomes pervasive news of the culture of good. The answer to the problem lies in the video recorded stories of each ordinary person, who, in their own work, lives out extreme value for the common good through their faith. Consultants (“Consultants”) offer up one hour of free consultation per inquirer on their own video presentation.

Article 3 – Video Stories Thru a focused channel of video stories, the relevance of God and love of neighbor is demonstrated. Viewers identify the video presentations as “inspiring and practical.”

Article 4 – Faith Gift Awareness When the Consultant’s gift or talent or work crosses over into the common good through God’s grace, it is called a faith gift. The audience is interested in hearing about faith gifts, defined as extreme value from God for the common good. Consultants create an outreach thru their faith gifts.

Article 5 – Mission Thru an extraordinary sense of community, peaceful co-existence in God’s name is facilitated. A willingness to consult makes our community extraordinary. Consultants form the Assn. as members that: 1) support each other’s faith gifts, which are defined as extreme value from God for the common good, 2) support the Seminar and 3) seek to lead a more faithful life defined as love of God and love of neighbor (“Works”).

Article 6 – Sense of Community The Assn. seeks to build sense of community thru Seminar videos and then to go outward from there turning city neighborhoods and towns into villages. Better villages build a better world.

Article 7 – Authority A charity, Loquate, provides all documentation and procedures to run the Seminar. The personality of the Assn. is to declare and proclaim the relevance of God and love of neighbor to the secular world thru the Seminar. As such the Assn. provides its own bylaws.


Section 1 – Spiritual Formation Each Consultant seeks to lead a more faithful life.

Section 2 – Equality No Consultant has preferential status over any other Consultant.

Section 3 – Working Together Consultants support each other’s faith gifts for the common good.

Section 4 – No dues and no collection of money on behalf of the Assn. The Assn. has no assets and no money. No donations may be made to the Assn. Donations may be made to Loquate as separate and distinct from the Assn.

Section 5 – Reasons for leaving are centered around not doing “Works” of the Assn. For example engaging in a deceptive practice that hurts or harms others would be a reason for leaving because it is inconsistent with leading a more faithful life.

Section 6 – Moderator Only for purposes of being part of a faith-based review a moderator has been appointed. To know your moderator, contact Jeff@Loquate.TV.