Our website is about you. At our website you sit in a unique chair. Your chair is what you consider the apex of your life. Each person’s chair is uplifted by others in the Loquate small group program, often over a lifetime.

You can go at your own pace. Your interiorly preferred work can be the apex of your life, a job only you can do from all eternity. Just follow that still small voice within. Create or join one of our interfaith small groups, based on shared experience of Natural Law, not advice. All are invited.

Let me explain. My chair was an avocation, something I did as a volunteer, not my work for pay. Over 50 years ago I set out trying to educate myself on sense of community.

I first experienced sense of community from two back-to-back school experiences: one without, and one with, sense of community. Then later, after graduation, I experienced two environments meeting people: one without, and one with, sense of community. Meeting a person at the most popular bar in Manhattan, was very different from meeting a person in the student union of the school with the sense of community. I longed to bottle the difference. So as to offer it widespread. Scientifically I believed it was possible.

Fifty volunteer years later, I understand “you” make the difference when “you” are empowered to do so. The chair you sit in, is the empowerment. The empowerment occurs in small groups. In science you have to know what equation to solve for. The Loquate X Factor is “Freedom to live one’s deepest beliefs in harmony with all.”

Let us call the source of this empowerment as “That which you value the most for the common good,” or Spirit, or God. Let us use the words interchangeably. Because in our program only God can empower.

The interfaith miracle of the Loquate experience is that you never get into differences of belief. You share experience, not advice. You learn to trust another’s good common sense ability to find their own path to God. With time and faith, this is fulfilling work. God did not have in mind that we kill each other because we have different beliefs.

Now in my life I did not come straight at God. A friend said it well. “I was going down a lot of wrong paths and it wasn’t working. God was always there, but not until I came to God, did I experience peace.” So if the empowerment of this website is finding God in you, and in permitting you to see God in all those around you, who can argue with the beauty of that?

About our videos and Podcasts

Short Description: Loquate.TV airs videos and podcasts where work meets faith. We all have work to do from volunteer to retiree to work for pay. Sharing relevant resolution stories brings peace on earth to men of goodwill. A norm forms around the initiative among friends and acquaintances as their media witness is heard over 125 times on average. The norm becomes peace on earth to men of good will in our circle of influence.

Company Objective:

Loquate is a charitable center for peace that uses technology for intentional community building. The science includes education and implementation. Certification insures education and the Loquate small group program insures implementation.

Loquate defines sense of community as an environment characterized by togetherness and sharing as opposed to cool detachment. The leaders in the environment know the members and go out of their way to be helpful. Though the members are quite diverse, personal diversity is celebrated for its contribution. There is a sense of group loyalty and group support. The atmosphere is cohesive. The environment is a community.

On the sense of community scale where are you?

Date: ___________________________________

Organization: _____________________________

Your Name: ______________________________

Here are some statements that may or may not apply to your organization. There is no right or wrong response to any statement. The purpose of this brief survey is simply to see how much agreement there may be about each statement. Is it a fair statement? Does it reflect your knowledge and experience in the organization? Is it generally true or characteristic?

There are five degrees of agreement or disagreement that you can give to each of the statements as follows:

SA = strongly agree
A = Agree
? = no opinion
D = disagree
SD = strongly disagree

To the left of each statement circle the reply that best reflects your response to the statement. B010-d-2020-0922

SA A ? D SD 1. This organization helps everyone get acquainted.

SA A ? D SD 2. The leaders in the organization go out of their way to help.

SA A ? D SD 3. When this organization puts on a program everyone knows about it.

SA A ? D SD 4. The organization has a reputation for being very friendly.

SA A ? D SD 5. There are many opportunities for members of the organization to assume leadership in various activities.

SA A ? D SD 6. Older members of the organization help newer members to adjust to the organization’s purposes and expectations.

SA A ? D SD 7. There is a lot of group spirit in this organization.

SA A ? D SD 8. The organization is genuinely hospitable to persons of widely different beliefs and backgrounds.

SA A ? D SD 9. Differences in background, politics, religious beliefs, or wealth do not prevent members from working together on projects.

SA A ? D SD 10. Most members are proud of this organization’s reputation.

What organization best affirms you by offering sense of community to you?

General Information: Loquate is officially recognized by the IRS in its published list of 501 c 3 charitable organizations. As such Loquate is a not for profit, not a business. Loquate is largely a volunteer, charitable organization, not a religion. In Natural Law satisfying innate needs using Loquate’s Smart® habits leads to happiness or joy and increased sense of community in every group of which we are a part. Each individual’s House of Worship is needed more than ever for spiritual nourishment. Loquate’s charitable services are provided by its own following of donors. Donations to Loquate are fully tax deductible.

About our small groups

Over 50 years ago, what I was after for myself and everyone was to experience community. That was a tougher job than I thought but here is the website.

You can do the same. God will provide for the common good. My single biggest lesson was I cannot do it alone. I need you. I need volunteers. My spirituality needs sense of community found in Loquate’s small group program. It is necessary but not sufficient. I also need my House of Worship for nourishment of my soul.

Most people believe others keep them from being free. When our Smart® habits are rejected, we do not judge. We respond with compassion and love. In turn the Spirit offers a bubble of protection that I call community in unity with all mankind. Today, the Loquate Experience is found in you and in sponsoring organizations. Freedom to live one’s deepest beliefs in harmony with all is incredible value.

The greater the sense of community, the greater the member’s perception of well-being coming from the sponsoring organization.

Loquate treasures its independence consistent with its mission as a ripple organization for peace.


Loquate’s mission is to work with members of groups and organizations:

  • To develop the member’s diversity and sense of shared humanity thru self awareness,
  • To develop a sense of community in small groups of self aware members,
  • To develop the sense of community within the larger group or organization of which they are a part,
  • To develop the larger group or organization into a catalyst for the sense of community in its surrounding environment,
  • To spread the sense of community throughout our fragile world using small functional incubator groups to serve as a model for peace.

Welcome to Loquate

The Loquate Experience is empowerment. The Loquate Experience is a manner of speaking. In Latin Loquate means “Speak!”

The ideal viewpoint is as follows: honesty manifests itself in our communication with others.  It is as though our communication were a natural physical process, containing all the moods of the ocean and a total absence of fear that what we are doing is wrong. It is spontaneous and deep, creative and engrossing.  The direction of honesty is to bring us closer to others, and to ourselves, our genuine desires, our strengths and our weaknesses.