Uphold Basic Human Rights

Loquate Primary Values Bill of Basic Human Rights Explanation – Symptom of Violation R013
1. The right to do that which is truly in the best interests of others. 1. Feeling that I am part of something that injures or harms others.
2. The right to attain goals or other ends not necessarily preconceived as goals but which become goals once experienced. 2. Feeling unable to finish something I have started or want to do because others prevent me or interfere or take over.
3. The right to operate in an area of meaningful expansion for yourself. 3. Feeling bored about my work. Feeling I am wasting my time. When I die I don’t want to say “That which I should have done, I did not do.”
4. The right to act non cooperatively, non violently according to my personal-moral or religious beliefs. 4. Feeling like my personal-moral or religious beliefs are not accepted. Feeling like I am kept from living my personal – moral or religious beliefs.