Initiator Training “What’s involved”


Initiators and two other volunteers chosen by the Initiator create a 3 person team to bring the Seminar to you. Equipment needed by the video producer is: extra computer memory, if needed, (most computers today have sufficient memory), a camera or newer smartphone and video software, ($65-$250), all commercially available. No prior technical skill is required to become a video producer. Write-ups are comprehensive and make every job doable.

The Initiator should view all 3 job training videos to understand each job. Ask each prospective job volunteer to view their job video. Each volunteer should self qualify themselves by answering 3 questions: 1) Do you see this Series as truly in the best interests of others, 2) Can you get your job done, 3) Is your job an area of meaningful expansion for yourself? The last question is subjective. One person may be interested in a type of work that another person is not, and vice versa.

If you get a “No” to any of the questions, save yourself for some other job. By getting a “Yes” or a neutral response to all 3 questions, odds are high that the position will lead to personal happiness for you and a sense of community for the team.

For more information click below:
Initiator Job Training Video
Promoter Job Training Video
Video Producer Job Training Video


Then call Jeff at 773-594-9234. After asking you some questions, Jeff will give you access to write-ups to begin this inspirational Seminar.