Park Ridge Community – “Where Work Meets Faith” seminar – Park Ridge – IL

Park Ridge Public Library[1], 1st Floor Meeting Room, 20 S Prospect Ave Park Ridge, IL 60068

Open to all.About our Presenters:

David Donovan, insurance broker, will tell us of a real life story about an accident that informed and continues to inform David how to live his faith life where his work meets his faith. Hear tips from this veteran insurance man that we all can use, for example, helping others to help themselves, living faith life as a total commitment, not a one time event, and how to renew faith and commitment thru gratitude.

Michael Kitt, Episcopalian Deacon and financial consultant, will share a story of bringing the sacred into the everyday. Hear this touching story of making one life better thru an unexpected offer. Hear Michael’s daily review of trying to make a difference in a person’s life. Hear tips on bringing light and faith into the everyday.

Jeff Liautaud, a family office wealth manager, will share a story of an experience of his years ago in Manhattan that began what was to become a lifelong avocation building sense of community. Hear the fruition of his work of over 40 years in his journey working out his own salvation and finding God’s plan in love of neighbor. Hear the practical benefits to the sense of community being lived out today in Park Ridge that offers a Faith Seminar of Park Ridge “Where Work Meets Faith.” Hear tips on empowerment,

The event’s social benefit is getting to know each other better. The more we know about each other, the more opportunity we have for being connected. Go to www.Loquate.TVto hear these “Inspiring and Practical” talks. Better yet, come in person. The Seminar will take place at the Park Ridge Public Library. If you have any questions, please contact Mary Ann or Jeff Liautaud 773-594-9234. We look forward to seeing you.

About Gifts

The Seminar is about using the gifts that God gave you to build up community. Each Seminar will feature three speakers who will tell real life stories and how their faith played an important role. Hearing many different stories in our Seminar may increase connections among us that will bring us all closer together increasing our sense of community. Each speaker will answer questions from the audience at the end of their presentation.


[1] Except for providing meeting space, the Library is not in any manner connected with the meeting, and neither the Library nor the Board of Trustees endorses any position expressed by the renting group.