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Sense of Community

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Any community where you have freedom to live your deepest beliefs in harmony with all, is a best place to live/work. The unique role Loquate plays is fostering community, kindness, and ongoing education.

Sense of Community Defined
Loquate defines sense of community as an environment characterized by togetherness and sharing as opposed to cool detachment. The leaders in the environment know the members and go out of their way to be helpful. Though the members are quite diverse, personal diversity is celebrated for its contribution. There is a sense of group loyalty and group support. The atmosphere is cohesive. The environment is a community.

A Short Natural Law on Feelings is Self Evidentially Scientific
Whereas before Loquate, no one knew why they felt the way they did. It was not until a breakthrough from a dream that the primary values were understood as prepotent one over the other. This means do not look to see if one primary value is present if you have an experience that makes you feel bad. Rather look to any prepotent primary value that the experience went against. You will find the reason.

Applying this to a sense of community, we find that feeling good occurs simultaneously when experiencing sense of community.  This is so because the primary values are…primary. That is, you will find them reinforced in the culture.

Another way to describe this is to say that infrastructure is in place that socializes those in the environment. To belong, that is to be related, requires participation in the culture. Habits form. Smart® habits satisfy innate needs of ourself and all those around us. That is where sense of community comes from.


  We proudly present our music Composer Chris Dingman.