Video Agreement and Liability Release

Video Agreement and Liability Release –

We invite you to the Seminar Series – “Where Profession Meets Faith.” Our hope is to make a difference in overcoming unethical or deceptive practices by providing answers one by one through real life examples. The answers are found in examples of loving authentically in one’s work life, and having charity in the truth of one’s life. Every person has a gift or talent innately planted in their heart and mind. A charism begins with grace bestowed upon us in cooperation with our gift or talent. Unlike a gift or talent used solely to benefit one’s self, a charism is always outwardly directed for the good of the community. Our task is to increase awareness of the charism and its preciousness, so it does not go unnoticed, unmarked, without its proper honor.

One way to do this is to publish media arising out of presentations including but not limited to articles, audios and videos of the Seminar Series (hereafter called “Media”). All Media is owned by Loquate, a not for profit organization.

The Seminar Series may be sponsored by groups and organizations (hereafter called “Sponsors”). The Seminar Series offers a forum for speakers (hereafter called “Presenters”) to talk about their desire to love authentically in their work (hereafter called “Presentation”).

Loquate’s hope is that the Seminar Series will continue on a self sustaining cost basis thru its partners. Partners include participants, volunteers, Presenters, Sponsors, advertising groups, website developers, video production groups, communication networks, and others (hereafter called “Partners”).

You may choose to publish or not. If you choose to publish, you agree to all aspects of this Video Agreement and Liability Release. If you do not agree, do not publish.

Here is a brief summary of the steps of video publication (hereafter termed “Publication”).

1) Loquate owns the video used in the Presentation.

2) Prior to Publication by Loquate, the video may be edited by three parties: the Presenter, the Sponsor and Loquate; each party may solely in its discretion edit by deletion any portion(s) of the video, or deny Publication of the video.

3) Upon Publication by Loquate, the video will be considered a final edited version (hereafter called “THE VIDEO”).

4) THE VIDEO and Media produced are owned by Loquate and all rights of Publication including copyrights in whole or in part are reserved for Loquate.

5) Upon prior written consent from Loquate, you or others as licensees (hereafter called “Licensees”) may publish THE VIDEO and Media and may offer links (hereafter called “Links”) to your own website or website’s of others (hereafter collectively called “Affiliated Websites”).

6) Loquate reserves the right at any time to edit THE VIDEO and Media or deny links.

Upon participation or Publication of THE VIDEO, Loquate, Partners, Licensees, and Affiliated Websites, agree to hold harmless and indemnify Loquate, Partners, Licensees, and Affiliated Websites from any and all liability, loss, damages, costs, or expenses which are sustained, incurred, or required arising out of participation, Publication of THE VIDEO, or use of the Media.