Initiator Training Video | Seminar Series

Date of Talk:  January 20th, 2013
Location:   Training Videos Loquate - Chicago IL
Presenter(s):   Jeff Liautaud
Work Listing(s):   Initiator

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This training video explains the role of Initiator for a Seminar Series. Your main role is inviting ordinary people to present their story of providing thru the presenter’s chosen work extreme value for the common good. By grace, God is at work, where their work meets their faith. Because you help make this ministry possible you cannot help but be a needed, valued member of a vibrant, growing, faith community. You create your own ministry team consisting of yourself, a promoter and a video producer. Hear how regularity of Seminar Series dates and step by step write-ups insure success. The most important step is to put your full trust in God. Videos proclaim extreme value of the preciousness of God at work. The vision is community for all mankind.

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