Music Therapy | Nancy Swanson

Date of Talk:  March 7th, 2014
Location:   St. Paul of the Cross - Park Ridge IL
Presenter(s):   Nancy Swanson
Affiliated Group(s):   Choir
Work Listing(s):   Music Therapist
Faith Enrichment:  , , , , , , , , , , , , ,

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Nancy Swanson, a board-certified music therapist, will share an inspirational story of how a terminally ill woman was surrounded by the strength of God, her family, and the power of music.  Hear Nancy discuss how she used live music in the moment to create an atmosphere of worship, connection, support, and joy.  Hear how Nancy adapts her plans for her life, to be more open to hear God’s plan for herself. Hear her tips on how we can all use music to strengthen our connection with God and others, to increase our relaxation, and to focus on the positive.

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