Safety, Baby | Barbara Glownia

Date of Talk:  July 30th, 2012
Location:   Safety, Baby! - Park Ridge IL
Presenter(s):   Barbara Glownia
Affiliated Group(s):   Saint Paul of the Cross Youth Group
Work Listing(s):   Youth Group
Faith Enrichment:  , , , , , , , , , , ,

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This youth group video shows how a draw away from safety is overcome with safety at “Safety, Baby!” “Safety, Baby!” is retro slang expressing mutual affection toward safety. It refers to a public location for a sampling of youth witness videos usually reserved for a private setting only for the youth group. Ordinary youth present their story of providing, thru the presenter’s chosen work, extreme value for the common good. By grace, God is at work, where their life meets their faith. Videos of their presentations proclaim a culture of the goodness of God. “Safety, Baby!” shows why parents, youth, and mentors prefer safety in a vibrant faith community, over unsafe ways. But in the end, it is the youth’s choice of a culture of the goodness of God that makes the difference. Parent-Youth-Mentor results not only in a village triangle of faith, but also in “Safety, Baby!” Good villages build a better world.

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