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Tutor Teachers in Technology | Maureen Boland

Date of Talk:  June 16th, 2017
Location:   St. Paul of the Cross - Park Ridge IL
Presenter(s):   Maureen C. Boland
Work Listing(s):   Technology Integration Specialist
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Maureen Boland, a Technology Integration Specialist at Wright College, will share a story of helping a Professor at work. Hear her deep trust in God. Hear tips for any person with or without physical constraints. Be inspired to look on the bright side.

Senior Care | Mary Gail Reding

Date of Talk:  May 29th, 2017
Location:   Our Lady of the Angels -Chicago, IL
Presenter(s):   Mary Gail Reding
Affiliated Group(s):   Miraculous Medal
Work Listing(s):   Geriatric Care Manager
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Mary Gail Reding, President of Caring Hearts for Seniors, LLC, will share her story of geriatric care management. Hear of a person who came back to a quality of life not previously enjoyed in years. Mary Gail was a former Development Director of the Association of the Miraculous Medal. See why there is a sparkle in Mary Gail’s eyes.

Construction peace! | Christian Lubinski

Date of Talk:  May 13th, 2015
Location:   Mary Seat of Wisdom - Park Ridge IL
Presenter(s):   Christian Lubinski
Work Listing(s):   General Contractor
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Christian Lubinski, a General Contractor at Lubinski Remodeling, Inc., will share a real life story of remodeling a basement bathroom for a Baptist Church. Hear how Chris offered that project of his work as a prayer.  Hear the surprising outcome, both in what the remodel entailed and how the congregation took in Chris, yet respected his Catholic religion. Hear tips we all can use when hiring a general contractor or on any remodel job.

Healing | Phillip Racette

Date of Talk:  May 8th, 2015
Location:   St. Mary of the Woods - Chicago IL
Presenter(s):   Phillip Racette
Work Listing(s):   Volunteer
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Phillip Racette, a volunteer at the Fisher House for Veterans, will share his story of gratefulness being a part of the military. Hear how the military affected his faith. Learn tips from Phillip how serving others can enrich our lives and our faith.

Lord, use me! | Michael Sullivan

Date of Talk:  November 25th, 2014
Location:   St. Lambert - Skokie IL
Presenter(s):   Michael Sullivan
Work Listing(s):   Attorney, Consultant
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Michael Sullivan, Attorney and Consultant to business and non-profit leaders, will share a story of constraint and release. Hear how Michael took a risk with the Holy Spirit to bring breakthrough to a client. Hear tips on how to step aside and let the Holy Spirit breakout in the most unexpected places.