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My Brother, Jim | Jeff Liautaud

Date of Talk:  November 2nd, 2016
Location:   Divine Mercy Outreach - Chicago IL
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Hear Jeff Liautaud reconciling himself to the imminent death of his brother, Jim, by nurturing and caring for Jim. Hear the power of the Divine Mercy and the providential role of others in this true story.

I am the Truth | Tim Truckenbrod

Date of Talk:  April 19th, 2012
Location:   Lighthouse Catholic Media - Sycamore IL
Presenter(s):   Tim Truckenbrod
Work Listing(s):   Vice President
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Tim Truckenbrod, Vice President of Marketing and Development at Lighthouse Catholic Media will share how his seeking the truth helps Lighthouse. Hear how a talk he heard, titled from Gangland to Promised Land, was chosen for distribution by Lighthouse. Learn tips from this experienced marketing practitioner at Lighthouse about connecting people to their true desires, and how to focus on contentment in life to feel satisfaction.