My Conversion Story, April Pasquale

Date of Talk:  September 21st, 2011
Location:   St. Paul of the Cross - Park Ridge IL
Presenter(s):   April Pasquale
Affiliated Group(s):   Caregivers Circle of Faith, Lector, Ministers of Care
Work Listing(s):   Administrative Assistant, Continuing Care Facility, Health Care
Faith Enrichment:  , , , , , ,

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April Pasquale, Administrative Assistant in an independent living and skilled care facility, will tell her own conversion story to Catholicism in 2004. Hear a story of delighting the residents thru her proactive knowledge. She goes to work early, sits with the residents for breakfast and immerses herself in a family like setting. Hear her voice for the dignity of each person in the image and likeness of God that should be honored.

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