Sense of Community | Jeff Liautaud

Date of Talk:  May 26th, 2013
Location:   St. Paul of the Cross - Park Ridge IL
Presenter(s):   Jeff Liautaud
Affiliated Group(s):   Lectio Divina, Lector, Men’s Club
Work Listing(s):   Wealth Management
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Jeff Liautaud, a family office wealth manager, will share a story of an experience of his years ago in Manhattan that began what was to become a lifelong avocation building sense of community. Hear the fruition of his work of over 40 years in his journey working out his own salvation and finding God’s plan in love of neighbor. Hear the practical benefits to the sense of community being lived out today in Park Ridge that offers a Faith Seminar of Park Ridge – “Where Work Meets Faith.” Hear tips on empowerment.

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