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Video 9 Deacon Lou Riccio | Imitation of Christ

Date of Talk:  June 21st, 2017
Location:   St Theresa - Palatine IL
Presenter(s):   Deacon Lou Riccio
Work Listing(s):   Deacon
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Louis A. Riccio, Charismatic Renewal Deacon, a receiver of gifts from the Holy Spirit, will share his conversion story from married dad to National Charismatic Renewal Representative from the Archdiocese of Chicago. Understand the highlights of his 42 year journey of charismatic renewal as part of the Catholic Church. Hear his faith journey centered on his most powerful conversion experience.

Senior Care | Mary Gail Reding

Date of Talk:  May 29th, 2017
Location:   Our Lady of the Angels -Chicago, IL
Presenter(s):   Mary Gail Reding
Affiliated Group(s):   Miraculous Medal
Work Listing(s):   Geriatric Care Manager
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Mary Gail Reding, President of Caring Hearts for Seniors, LLC, will share her story of geriatric care management. Hear of a person who came back to a quality of life not previously enjoyed in years. Mary Gail was a former Development Director of the Association of the Miraculous Medal. See why there is a sparkle in Mary Gail’s eyes.

My Brother, Jim | Jeff Liautaud

Date of Talk:  November 2nd, 2016
Location:   Divine Mercy Outreach - Chicago IL
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Hear Jeff Liautaud reconciling himself to the imminent death of his brother, Jim, by nurturing and caring for Jim. Hear the power of the Divine Mercy and the providential role of others in this true story.

Crowned in God’s Love

Date of Talk:  April 26th, 2016
Location:   Our Lady of Mount Carmel - Chicago IL
Presenter(s):   Wayne Smith
Affiliated Group(s):   Respect Life
Work Listing(s):   Charity Founder
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Wayne B. Smith, Founder of Not-by-Sight Media, legally blind since birth, will share what inspires him every day.  Listen to his journey from atheism to faith in God, found at a low point in his life. Catch Wayne’s continued learning of the heart that one day he would become Catholic.  Comprehend Wayne’s living testimony that God’s mercy is always there for you.

Declaration | Roberta Jenero

Date of Talk:  October 22nd, 2015
Location:   St. Paul of the Cross - Park Ridge IL
Presenter(s):   Roberta Clarke Jenero
Work Listing(s):   Dietitian
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Roberta H. Clarke Jenero, a Registered Dietician, will share an area of meaningful expansion for herself as her work. Declaring it for God meant turning it over to God as God’s very own. Understand in her unfolding story, how more and more extreme value from God for the common good occurs thru Declaration.