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Mother Mary, Help Me. | Maria and Richard Portis.

Date of Talk:  May 7th, 2015
Location:   St. Norbert - Northbrook IL
Presenter(s):   Richard Portis
Affiliated Group(s):   Bible Study, Man to Man
Work Listing(s):   Trader
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Maria and Richard Portis, parents, will together share a story of travel to Rome for the sainthood of Pope John Paul II.  What started out as a good plan unraveled before their eyes with three small children.  Hear the good outcome of a cross accepted and a consolation received.  Hear tips on raising children that we all can use.

God in My Heart! | Lenora Teresi

Date of Talk:  January 18th, 2014
Location:   St. Paul of the Cross - Park Ridge IL
Presenter(s):   Lenora Teresi
Affiliated Group(s):   Catechist
Work Listing(s):   Legal Assistant
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Lenora Teresi, Catechist Volunteer, and Legal Assistant: Foreclosure Defense and Bankruptcy, will share a teaching experience as a volunteer catechist teaching CCD, a religious education program.  Hear about a student who began with an “attitude” and turned the “attitude” for Christ. Grasp the effects on a class that one student can make and the deep sense of humility Lenora felt. See faith integration as Lenora lives out at work the principles she teaches in class.  Hear tips we all can use in dealing with 8th graders. Understand why she loves teaching CCD.

Tutor | Frances Johnson

Date of Talk:  October 16th, 2012
Location:   St. Juliana - Chicago IL
Presenter(s):   Frances Johnson
Affiliated Group(s):   Choir, Scripture Studies
Work Listing(s):   Music Teacher, Violin Teacher
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Frances Johnson (McDonough), a scripture teacher and violinist, will present a story of spiritual growth of one of her scripture students. Having gone to Sunday mass, an old testament reading brought to mind the student’s recent study of the same passage in class. Because the student had studied the passage, the student knew the beginning and the end of the story, with the passage in the middle. Hear Frances’ joy as the student beamed about the relevance of scripture not only to mass but also to everyday life.

Safety, Baby | Barbara Glownia

Date of Talk:  July 30th, 2012
Location:   Safety, Baby! - Park Ridge IL
Presenter(s):   Barbara Glownia
Affiliated Group(s):   Saint Paul of the Cross Youth Group
Work Listing(s):   Youth Group
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This youth group video shows how a draw away from safety is overcome with safety at “Safety, Baby!” “Safety, Baby!” is retro slang expressing mutual affection toward safety. It refers to a public location for a sampling of youth witness videos usually reserved for a private setting only for the youth group. Ordinary youth present their story of providing, thru the presenter’s chosen work, extreme value for the common good. By grace, God is at work, where their life meets their faith. Videos of their presentations proclaim a culture of the goodness of God. “Safety, Baby!” shows why parents, youth, and mentors prefer safety in a vibrant faith community, over unsafe ways. But in the end, it is the youth’s choice of a culture of the goodness of God that makes the difference. Parent-Youth-Mentor results not only in a village triangle of faith, but also in “Safety, Baby!” Good villages build a better world.

Reservoir of Grace | Mark Middendorf

Date of Talk:  March 21st, 2012
Location:   Lighthouse Catholic Media - Sycamore IL
Presenter(s):   Mark Middendorf
Work Listing(s):   President
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Mark Middendorf, President of Lighthouse Catholic Media will tell us how to be a reservoir, not just a channel of faith. Hear three Lighthouse pillars to the reservoir of faith. Hear Mark’s real life story of conversion, consecration, and affirmation. Hear how Mark was fortified to go out and share recorded Catholic talks from a Park Ridge lending Library, which became an Apostolate to God’s mercy and tenderness.